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Monday, 05 January 2009 17:04 Firebelly

Happy New Year.  What a end of the year we experienced.  We went out to get our X-mas tree one weekend and the next weekend we are fleeing to Western MA to hang with the in-laws who actually had power and heat.  On Thursday night when Ice Storm 2008 hit we were trying to sleep when the power went out and then all we could here for the rest of the night well into the morning of the next day were trees snapping, cracking, and falling onto the ground below.  There were some huge crashes and one that just missed the house and nicked the garage.  Check out our google web albums for all the pics. 

So that threw our whole holiday season off.  Luckily our power came back on late Saturday night while we were still in Western MA.  We came back to Jefferson without the kids at first to clean up and make sure the house was still good. Luckily the pipes were intact and the heat was running. We then took a couple of days for clean up and grocery shopping (meanwhile some of our friends and nieghbors still didn't have power).  

Then the weekend rolled in and bang huge snowstorm...we lost power for 30-45min and we were convinced that we would be out of power again for multiple days but luckily it was a single point of failure in the town and the power returned.  So X-mas proceeded on schedule soon after that and I was back to work for a couple of days and then I took off until the 5th.  So now we are all back to the grind.  AM kindergarten was cancelled this morning but Miles will be back to school.  Miles and James are both sick and it is spreading to us...Horray 2009.  Oh well.

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