Still here

Wednesday, 25 February 2009 20:20 Firebelly

Here is a quick family update.  Winter seems to be going and going but I don't mind.  The night boarding at Wachusett is actually really nice and it seems like people are sick of winter so that means no lines on the lifts.  I was on the mountain with Nathaniel and LT and the last few runs we had the trail to ourselves...sweet.  Anyway Miles is pluggin along at school.  He is adjusted to going to Davis Hill and likes it now.  I hope he likes it alot since he will have to take some classes on a few Saturdays to make up for the excesive snow days we had in our school district.  The icestorm made them miss a bunch of time and then whenever there was some snow the school board seems to go crazy and cancel school.  Oh well.  James is also doing good all he wants to do is whatever Miles is doing...which can sometimes be a problem.  He has also adjusted to spending a couple of days a week at daycare and is doing well there.  I'm hanging in and plugging away at work though I hope the economy improves in general since I would like my benefits and pay restored to pre-panic company cut salery and a bunch of bennies and had layoffs.  Nirvana is also doing well still working at Clark and looking for post-docs and faculty positions.  Hope all is well and I promise to post pictures from this winter soon.